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2011 March 9
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We live in an age where money changes hands electronically, banking transactions are beamed by satellite and tax returns are processed by computer. So, the world grows smaller. Business moves faster. Opportunity expands. And the more success we achieve, the more complex our financial lives become. In fact, there are so many ways of doing business that no single financial formula works for all.

How can your accountant help you survive and prosper in this complex economic climate, unless he or she understands your unique experience? Now more than ever, your accountant must be able to recognize those special issues and developments, both large and small, which have direct impact on your business. But all accounting firms are not created equal. The hope is that you will find one firm with such an affinity for you and your business that your needs are anticipated before they arise. A firm that builds a professional relationship while it provides the foresight, timely analysis, and accuracy you demand. It is just this kind of winning relationship that M.A. Hronich & Company seeks to build with each of its clients. 

Our Mission

Hronich & Company is redefining the traditional role of accounting firms by providing innovative accounting and consulting solutions. We are entrepreneurial, creative thinkers – creating a dynamic new definition of a accounting firm by expanding services to keep pace with our clients’ varied needs.

Company Profile

Understanding clients’ businesses and anticipating their needs. Proposing relevant solutions and delivering them. Staying knowledgeable of new developments and keeping clients informed. These are not only the attributes of a successful law firm, they’re the qualities of a true business partner. They’re the essence of Hronich & Company.

One of Hronich & Company primary goals is to exceed clients’ expectations.

Hronich & Company prides itself on “partnering” with clients by listening to their needs, understanding their businesses, and utilizing this knowledge base to provide efficient service.

Our clients’ businesses, cultures, perspectives and profitability are as important to us today as they were when we began in 1995, proven by the fact that many of our client relationships have lasted for decades. Whether assisting a large estiblised or a small start-up, our objective is unwavering—a dedication to developing relationships that drive results.